The Design Approach

The Gardener’s Blacksmith was my first company, see This was set up because Tricia and I are both gardeners. We enjoy designing and creating our own garden and a part of that is the metal and stone structures that are included in the design, as plant supports, landscaping and fun sculptural elements.

A frustration for us was that many of the metal support structures available fall into two camps. On the one hand, many looks very mass produced and tacky, not necessarily cheap, and do nothing to add to the quality of the garden design. On the other hand, there are many artisan produced products, often of good quality, typically expensive and in our view, sometimes over engineered so that they have more impact on the garden design than we feel is desirable.

I find the same applies to modern furniture. Much of it is so cheap and cheerful that I would not want it in my houses and I find many people share this view. A lot of furniture is very chunky and does no sit comfortably in small rooms typical of many modern homes. For an open plan environment furniture that is light in structure to let the eyes travel around the space is a better fit. All the early designs were for furniture constructed for our own new eco-home and much of it finds favour with others do ferrous furnishings was born.

Your ideas and commissions are welcome so please call for a chat if you have some thoughts of something you would like to see in your home.